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Tweets of the week: Tom Pidcock, Rohan Dennis and the most honest Strava year in review

Oh hey, welcome to the first tweets of the week in 2021. Out of the 2020 dumpster fire and into the 2021 frying pan where everything is still going just absolutely fantastic thank you very much.

And, you’ll be grateful to hear, the tweets are still rolling in!

Millions upon millions of tweets. Every. Single. Day. Come 2022, maybe we’ll be able to heat our homes with the energy provided solely by tweets, maybe marinade them and serve it up for dinner with a side salad.

For now, I guess, we can stick to just reading them, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. No big deal just Mathieu van der Poel winning a bike race every day for the first three days of 2021

2. If only all social media was this honest

3. We interrupt your usual tweets of the week broadcast for this new baby special

4. And another one

5. How pro cycling contract negotiations should work

6. The gears are turning on Pidcock’s bike and inside his brain

7. I’m not sure if they got all of it

8. Not a bad view, sure

9. January training camps, usually a safe haven for pros to get some sun in winter, have a very 2020 feel to them

We’ll be back in seven day’s time with more pure fire tweets from the cycling world.

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