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Tweets of the week: Khal Drogo’s new Specialized, Matt Winston’s speedbump mishap and Luke Rowe’s lookalike

If 2020 didn’t have enough twists and turns already, it turns out Khal Drogo is a cycling fan.

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa has been enjoying the new ultra-lightweight Specialized bike, although inexplicably he has about eight of them.

That’s just one of the weird and wonderful moments from cycling social media over the last week.

We’ve also got Geraint Thomas reacting to the rest of the Giro and Giulio Ciccone on the mic.

Here are our favourite tweets from the last week:

1. Is Jason Momoa really strong, or is the new Specialized really light? Probably both

2.  Communication is key in the team car, as Matt Winston learned the hard way

3. The commissaires may have been a little too eager on this one

4. Geraint Thomas might not be so sad about missing the Giro after all

5. Rebecca Charlton sums up 2020 for cyclists

6. This is how you get hyped for a Giro d’Italia stage

7. World time trial champion uh…Luke Rowe?

8. Honestly, same

9. Now this is a fitting tribute to Mark Cavendish’s career

10. Turns out minty coffee is the key to winning Grand Tour stages

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week.

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