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If you enjoy the ever popular fantasy sports games scene with various platforms available for several different sports, including cycling, then you will love putting your knowledge to the test on Zweeler Fantasy Cycling 2021

The time you take to pick out the perfect team for the next race could be the reason you top your league and potentially win a cash prize as well.

Most of the time with fantasy sports games you just get the accolade of coming out on top with the slimmest chance of winning anything, but with Zweeler you have a very good chance of taking something at the end of the season.

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There are two game types on Zweeler, one is ‘Season Budget’ and the other is ‘Season Groups’:

Budget is where you have a capped amount of money, specifically 420 million Euros, and you pick out the 25 riders you think will perform best over the 55 races that are included in the Zweeler game. Each team costs £9.03 with a first prize of £1,354.57.

Groups is similar but you choose 35 riders from eight groups of which you think, or hope, will take the most points over the 55 races in the season. Once again it is £9.03 per team with the same first prize of £1,354.57 with a total of 161 ‘GC’ prizes available.

There are a couple of other classifications within the games too with ‘Classics’ and ‘Tour’ where you can see who has the best team over the spring Classics or at the Tour de France and you could win £618.59.

The final classification is the ‘sub-league’ where you compete against family, friends, or colleagues with £203.19 being the first prize available.

Points are earned depending on where your riders come in the general classification and stage results with the races split down into categories of Cat One, Cat Two, and Cat Three.

A Cat One Tour can bring you 180 points as well as a potential 100 point bonus if that race is a Grand Tour with points going all the way down to 25th, Cat Two goes down to 20th with 100 points for first and Cat Three down to 15th with 50 points for first.

It’s similar with stages but the points go down with points going to the first 15 in Cat One and 40 points for the winner, top 12 in Two with 25 points as the top prize, and 10 in Three with just 15 points available.

The points system for the Classics is the same as the Tour system but the top points scores go down as 120, 70, and 35 over the categories.

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