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Join our CW5000 monthly Zwift ride-outs

Join other CW5000 riders and CW editor Simon Richardson for a lunchtime ride-out on the last Friday of each month

Next ride out – Friday May 28: Douce France

With so many CW5000’ers logging miles on Zwift, and with riders spread far and wide around the UK and beyond, we’ve created regular monthly meet-ups to give us the opportunity to come together and log a few miles.

Our Zwift meet-ups will take place on the final Friday of every month (around lunchtime UK time). See the list below for the maps we’ll use. You can join and leave the rides at any time, you don’t need to be there at the start, or stick around to the finish.

Rubber banding will be turned off to give a better experience, all we ask is that you listen to the ride leader who will be maintaining a pace of around 2.5w/kg and aiming to keep people together. The routes selected avoid the bigger climbs, so in theory it should be easier to keep the groups together .

decided to start a monthly lunchtime ride out. The private meet-up will take place on the last Friday of every month. We’ll change the route each month, but always keep to flattish routes, and a pace of around 2.5 w/kg.

Where possible we’ll tie the rides in to a monthly challenge, but in the main it’s a chance to ride with others from the group. You’ll be allowed to join late, and of course you can leave the ride any time you need to.

The course list may be updated if and when Zwift introduce new maps. Keep checking back to see the latest link to sign up for each event. The link will also be posted on the CW5000 Facebook group.

CW5000 2021 Zwift meet-ups

May 28 – France; Douce France

June 25 – London; Greatest London loop

July 30 – Watopia; Out and back again

Aug 27 – Yorkshire; Royal pump room 8

Sept 24 – France; Douce France

Oct 29 – London; Greatest London loop

Nov 26 – Watopia: Out and back again

Dec 31 – Yorkshire; Royal pump room 8

Each ride starts at 12.30pm UK time and will run for 1.30hr

Pace: Approx 2.5w/kg (no higher than 3w/kg)

About the routes

France; Douce France

A flat course running anti-clockwise (reverse of the RGV route) over 24.1km. There’s just 354ft of elevation with the Aqueduc KOM being the highest point on the route at 115ft. The KOM is 0.4km long with an average gradient of 3 per cent. There are three sprint points along the route for those who want to test their legs, the Balloon (0.21km), Pave (0.33km) and Marina (0.34km). Points of interest along the route include the balloon field, Mont St Michel and the hairpins along the river.

London; Greatest London loop

A 27.4mile course starting in East London before heading out (via the underground) to the Surrey Hills and the climb of Leith Hill. The profile drags up to the start of the climb which is 1.9km at an average gradient of 6.8 per cent. Actually a little more gentile than the real climb. The rest of the route is pan flat except for the steep little ramps out of the underground. With no sprints on the circuit it’s a fairly easy course on which to keep the group together.

Watopia; Out and back again

Of all our meet-up routes, this is the one with the most climbing as it includes the Volcano and the Zwift KOMs. It’s a classic Zwift route that starts on Fuego Flats in the desert before heading back to cross the bridges and undersea glass tunnels to island hop over to the volcano. The climb around and through it is 3.8km with an average gradient of 3.2 percent. A good one to cruise up when keeping groups together. Soon after the descent it’s on to the reverse Zwift KOM which even less severe with a gradient of 1.8 percent. In total the 24.7 mile loop includes 994 ft of elevation gain. There’s one sprint thrown in for good measure

Yorkshire; Royal Pump Room 8

No major climbs, but then there’s not much flat either on this 17.2 mile course that packs in 1,575 ft of climbing, offering a sterner test of our ‘blobbing’ ability. It’s a short figure of eight style course that sends you back on yourself to get the distance up. That means the two KOMs are the same climb ridden from either side. The reversing of the course also means the Yorkshire Sprint is done twice, again from either side.

>>> Sign up to the CW5000 and get invites to the monthly meet ups

Although this is a private CW5000 event (it won’t appear on the Zwift companion app) you are welcome to invite any friends along to join the ride. If you don’t currently have a Zwift account check their website as they often offer a 14-day free trial. This is what equipment you’ll need to get set up.

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