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I’m Somebody’s ethical clothing launched

The Sustainably made collection from I’m Somebody’s aims to humanize cyclists and pavement users by calling for all drivers to slow down.

I’m Somebody’s has launched a range of t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies blazoned with a personalised message asking drivers to think about the speed they travel at when at the wheel.

The range of ethical clothing aims to add a conscious to drivers.

The I’m Somebody’s brand was created to highlight the person behind the cyclist and other road users, to bring to mind the consequences of dangerous driving and the heart-breaking hole they would leave behind if killed or seriously injury after an impact with a vehicle.

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The personalised message on each casual wear top of being somebody’s family member aims to add conscious to all drivers every time they get in the front seat, reminding them of the responsibly of keeping all road users safe.

More than a cyclist

The women behind the Surrey based brand, Juliet Hollingsworth, herself a recreational runner, was sadly inspired after hearing three separate stories of local people being killed on roads or pavements by dangerous driving.

“These people are more than just cyclists, runners or walkers” says Juliet. “As a mum of two young children, every time a car speeds past us out riding, running or walking I think of them and the familes and friends left behind.

A long time ago I vowed to do something about the importance of the persons life, but it wasn’t until the national Lockdown earlier this year that I had the time to dedicate to the project and bring it to fruition.

As someone who is planet conscious, I did not want to use any manufacturer. Thank goodness I found teemill , an ethical clothing company that has been able to make this dream a reality”.

Sustainable, ethical and charitable

The entire range of casual clothing from I’m Somebody’s is made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

The collection, featuring t-shirts and jumpers for adults and children, starts at £14.00, is available now directly from

A custom design option is also available via the website with a choice of t-shirt and jumper colours and print of your choice.

A donation of fifty pence from each purchase will be given to Road Peace, the National Charity for Road crash victims.

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