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Five tips to help you complete the CW5000 Challenge

5000 miles may seem daunting with several months of winter remaining. However, with some forethought and planning, 2020 can be a year of increased mileage, greater fitness and enjoyable hours on the saddle.

Former elite rider, now coach Paul Pickup gives us five tips on how to tackle the challenge.

1 Consistency is key

A good tactic is to ride little and often. Try and do shorter rides during the week whenever possible, and save longer rides for weekends or days off. A short three mile ride to the shops may not seem worth while, but there back is six miles, do that once a week through the year and you’ve added over 300 miles to your total for very little effort. Riding to work is key, anyone who does that two or three times a week is likely to easily hit the target.

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2 It’s all in the planning

Don’t get overwhelmed by the bigger picture. If the overall goal is too big it can be suffocating. Break it down into chunks and look at how much you can do per week or month and then tick them off as you go along – watching your total increase will help to motivate you. Remember to factor in times when you can’t ride, like holidays, knowing it’s in the plan means there will be no panic when you’re away from your bike. There will always be times to get more riding in and balance these out, especially during the summer with the longer days and better weather.

3 Equipment and clothing

I can’t reiterate how important it is to get your bike and clothing right. The last thing you want is to lose a days riding, or have to cut a ride short because of a mechanical or heading out in the wrong kit. Losing miles due to mishaps is demotivating, we want to avoid that at all costs.

4 Rest and Recovery

Allow for some downtime and plan rest or easier weeks, ideally once a month which will allow time for the body to take a breather. You can still ride in this time, just keep it to a minimum and keep the effort down. Also allow days off the bike, even if you are doing a seemingly short commute. It may sound counter productive, but the last thing you want is for fatigue to set in. Charging at it and smashing out the miles will lead to burn out.

5 Don’t sweat the small stuff

You will get unexpected setbacks along the way, that’s life. You will get ill, the weather will be bad, work and family commitments will be thrown at you. Most of these are uncontrollable and unavoidable. If you have to miss a day, there will be time down the line to make it up again.

With 2020 upon us, use CW5000 as motivation to ride longer and further. You can find more advice over on our social media pages and dedicated CW5000 Facebook Page and Strava group.


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