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Amazon Prime Day deals: Get your home gym equipped and ready for winter

With the nights drawing in, cold and wet weather is upon us and racing (well, whatever racing has been running) is almost done many of us are looking towards a regime of strength training and gym work to get us ready for the new season. Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to search out the bargains and stock up your home gym equipment – and time is running out at the sales end tonight.

Here are some of our top picks for getting the gains over winter.

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Home gym deals

Fitbeast 4 piece foam roller set – was £39.99 now £15.99

Everyone ‘loves’ foam rollers and as painful as they are they do provide an essential service in relieving sore muscles and massaging injuries. This Fitbeast set includes two foam rollers and two trigger balls to cover all of the body. Was £39.99 now £15.99 at Amazon.

Fitfort 3 piece resistance band set – was £39.99 now £11.03 

Perfect for use during a stretching routine, resistance bands will help you maximise your flexibility and boost strength. Each colour of the 3 resistance bands standing for different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. Different strengths will provide you with more flexibility and more options for your exercise routine. Was £39.99 now £11.03 at Amazon.

Beast Gear Core Sliders – were £16.99 now £7.97

Bear with us on this one but we think sliders are an under rated piece of gym equipment. Use them in conjunction with your core programme and they will give you a huge boost with very little effort. The way they work is to allow your hands (or knees and elbows) to slide across a surface making it easy to really supercharge your core strength. Core sliding exercises supports back pain rehabilitation, but also builds the functional core strength. Great for interval training, circuit training, HIIT and fat loss! Was £16.99 now £7.97 at Amazon.

Trideer Exercise Ball – was from£10.99 now from £8.79

Another oft forgotten piece of exercise equipment, the gym ball is an excellent addition to any home gym and when deflated takes up very little space so ideal for those of us with very little free space. This deal covers a variety of sizes and colours to suit all exercise and core plans. Was from £10.99 now from £8.79

Himaly resistance band set – was £19.99 now £8.99 

Yes, we have already added a resistance band deal but these are a bit different. Rather than being used during stretching or rehab you can use these as the basis of a strength workout. Complete with handles and ankle straps the set comes with a door anchor so you can set it up in next to no time. Five different resistance levels increase the range of use. Was £19.99 now £8.99

Bowflex adjustable weights bench – was £279.99 now £189.99

Now we’re getting into the serious side of strength training. If you want a proper home setup then this weights bench will form one of the mainstays and alongside a set of free weights will allow you to really increase your strength over the coming months. Was £279.99 now £189.99

Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch – was £199.99 now £122.99

Keep track of all of your workouts with this cool Garmin Vivoactive 3 smart watch. Plus be able to use it for riding to track your activity and fitness performance and then upload to Strava and other platforms via Garmin Connect. Was £199.99 now £122.99 

We’ll keep updating our pages with new deals, so keep your eyes peeled for more Amazon Prime Deals.

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